Primary 6
(Classes are held 3 hours weekly)

  • Teach students essay writing skills progressively
  • Introduce the application of idioms in both essay writing and oral exams
  • Provide a variety of topics/themes for essay writing and oral exams
  • Further develop and enhance students' reading skills, speaking skills through techniques such as recording speeches and improving summarization ability
  • Listening exercises in the format of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)
  • Provide tips and strategies for Paper 2 of the PSLE and practice exercises
  • Intensive revision to ensure students are confident and well-prepared for the PSLE


  • 以循序渐进的方式教导学生命题作文技巧
  • 俗语应用(作文+口试)
  • 介绍更多不同主题/题材(作文+口试)
  • 朗读技巧、录像口试技巧、提高复述能力
  • PSLE格式的听力训练
  • PSLE试卷二应用技巧与贴士 + 项目练习
  • 高强度复习为学生的PSLE做足准备