Primary 2
(Classes are held 1.5 hours weekly)

  • Develop a strong foundation in recognizing characters and handwriting
  • Guide students through a step-by-step approach to effective writing based on picture prompts
  • Introduce the structure of compositions along with commonly used phrases and sentence
  • Provide guidance in fundamental reading, describing visuals, delivering presentations, and engaging in conversations tailored to various scenarios
  • Enhance listening capabilities through targeted training


  • 打好认字和写字基础
  • 以循序渐进的方式教导学生应对看图写段
  • 介绍作文的结构和常用的好词佳句
  • 教导基本朗读、看图说话、展示与讲述与情景会话技巧
  • 听力训练
  • 阶段性笔试项目练习