Primary 4
(Classes are held 2 hours weekly)

  • Writing - Introduce a variety of techniques for writing introductions, transitional sentences, and conclusions and provide practice exercises where students can model after and write their own paragraphs and essays
  • Oral - Develop confidence and teach students reading and conversational skills and help them improve their ability to retell and summarize stories
  • Listening - Provide listening exercises to improve students' listening skills for listening comprehension
  • Language Usage - Teach and enhance language usage/writing skills and provide practice exercises for written assignments


  • 写作- 介绍更多样化的开头法/过渡句/结尾 + 仿写段落/篇章
  • 口试- 朗读技巧、对话技巧、提高复述能力
  • 听力训练
  • 笔试作答技巧 + 项目练习