Primary 5 Higher Chinese
(Classes are held 3 hours weekly)

  • Systematic approach in writing Picture Composition and thematic composition through structured and creative thinking
  • Covering vocabulary from the MOE syllabus, practicing language application in language comprehension exercises, and cultural enrichment through idiomatic expressions
  • Developing strategies for comprehension questions, improving students' understanding and answering capabilities
  • Enhancing students' oral and video interview skills to improve their ability to recount and express ideas effectively
  • Conducting listening training aligned with the PSLE format


  • 以循序渐进和创意联想的方式教导学生写出(华文)看图作文和(高华)命题作文、完成文章
  • 根据MOE课本学习高华词汇并练习高华及华文的语文应用题型+文化加油站- 介绍俗语及其应用
  • 朗读技巧、录像口试技巧,提高学生复述和表达能力
  • 高华和华文阅读理解作答技巧,提高学生理解和作答能力
  • 根据PSLE格式来进行听力训练